Research and services

Every year, the institute organizes many public events, collaborating with entitites both within and outside the University of Iceland. Our chief collaborators are the city of Reykjavík, The National University Hospital of Iceland, the Association of Directors of Government Institutions, the Icelandic Association of Local Authorities, Akureyri municipality, Reykjanesbær municipality, the State Trading Centre, the The Icelandic Centre for Research, the University of Iceland and University of Akureyri institutes of Continuing Education, consulting firms, ministries, foreign embassies, and more. Event participants have been professionals, politicians and academcs, both Icelandic and from around the world.
Photo from a public lecture on political discourse in Iceland, 4 December 2014Public lectures and symposia have focused on a variety of topics including management and governance, public sector HR issues, policy development concerning diversity in public employment and its effects on innovation and productivity among public servants, green public procurement, and more.
Short courses have concentrated on public management, occupational health, change management, administrative law including freedom of information and privacy laws, and more.
The institute‘s research and development projects are primarily headed by Faculty of Political Science members in the relevant fields. 
Professors Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson and Omar H. Kristmundsson have headed up two extensive projects concerning central public sector issues: On the management and working conditions of public organizations, and on the democratic structures and social capital of local authorities. Further information can be found under the heading Research on this website.
The institute also performs adminsitrative audits for Icelandic municipalities and other authorities by special agreements.
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